Eveline Henner
The Themes
"  It is with brilliant acrylic colors that Eveline Henner brings to us her impressions of both natural and
urban settings.  The realistic world is her domain:  Flowers, butterflies, landscapes, seascapes, cities  -
these are the subjects she loves.  Her work reflects the lucidity and transparency of colors experienced
both in the Mediterranean and in the special light characteristic for Maine's coastal regions.  Her paintings
are conveying both affection for nature's creativity and fascination for the symbols of our civilization."
Many of the artist's paintings reflect her fascination
for F
LOWERS,  often interpreted in macroscopic size.
One of her favorites are depictions of blooming
plants in the seclusion of
a GREENHOUSE or a screened garden area.
Especially representative of the artist's dealing with
form and movement are her
BUTTERFLY paintings.
Flowers are also dominant in her STILL LIFE
works, harmoniously arranged in baskets or
in vases showing vividly the refracting light.
Remarkably also the artist's cubist interplay of
form, color  and light in her
Often MUSICAL perceptions are underlying
inspirations for her creativity at the easel
Among Eveline Henner's depictions of landscapes, her
ORIENTAL PAINTINGS, reflecting impressions gained
on travels in Egypt and Palestine, are typical examples
of her unique way of abstracting  in a cubist style.
In a somewhat contrast to the artist's attraction to a
southern atmosphere, her depictions of sunlit snow
ALPINE LANDSCAPES impart in an im-
pressive way the feeling of a harsh winter climate
Living in New England in MAINE'S COASTAL REGIONS gets
her inspired bringing her impressions of rocky shore sceneries,
of landings, boats and
Lighthouses on canvas.
Eveline Henner's unique way of transforming a
perception in an interplay of form, color, light and
movement produces impressive sceneries with
SAILBOATS interacting with wind and water.
A recurring theme throughout the artist's career
URBAN SCENERIES, be it an impression of
a harbor's dock installations, of coastal towns in
the Mediterranean or of a New York city skyline
Paintings out of the sphere of VINEYARD AND WINE  
emerge of the artist's dealing with given themes for  
wine label designs.
All her works remain well recognizable by her characteristic handling of shaping
in a vivid interplay with color, light and movement    -    a style very much her own.
Expressing hope and commitment
in works with
SYMBOLIC meaning
Symbols of human feelings
Urban sceneries in cubist abstreaction
Flowers in cubist composition
Still Life themes in cubist interpretation
Figuative works in cubist interplay
Oriental impressions
Musical perceptions
Winter landscapes in an interplay of color and light
Impressions of Maine's coastal region in basic elements of form, color and light
In the seclusion of a conservatory
Harlequins and Clowns
Her portraits of HARLEQUINS induce a very
special charm, portraying circus life with it's
contrasts of joyfulness and mournfulness
Sailboats in their interaction with wind and water
Vintage paintings
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Butterflies evoking movement